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ץlcome to Teraz Lakelands. We are Judi Crowe in Pompano Beach, Florida and Debi Murphy in Belvidere Tennessee. We breed and show AKC Lakeland Terriers. We've been showing and breeding since the early 1980's and are members in good standing of the United States Lakeland Terrier Club. We are also an AKC Breeder of Merit!

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As hobby breeders of Lakeland Terriers, we are breeding for quality and not quantity. As a result, we only have a limited number of litters each year - usually 2 or 3 - which gives us the opportunity to provide each puppy the attention it needs to be a great house pet and loving companion. Raised in our living room, all puppies are handled from birth and have been socialized with the other dogs in our home. Our Lakie puppies are crate trained, familiar with going outside to do their business and accustomed to basic grooming such as being brushed, bathed, and nail cutting. They have started to learn basic commands, such as "no" and "come", before they leave for their new homes. All puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registration and a spay / neuter agreement is required.

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About Lakeland Terriers...

Teraz Lakelands The Lakeland Terrier comes from the Lake District in England. Lakeland Terriers have been used to hunt and kill foxes to protect lambs. Lakeland Terriers have been one of the most popular working Terriers in the U.K. since the 1800s.

̡keland Terriers are brave and hardy. They are intelligent, alert, confident and bold.. They are friendly breed and get along with children well with the energy to match them. Lakeland Terriers are level headed, and fun loving.

̡keland Terriers are a small, workman-like dog of square, sturdy build who resemble the wire fox terrier. They are thought to be the exact copy of the Airedale Terrier, miniaturized.

Ԩey are lively, intelligent and stubborn. They are level headed and of sound temperament. The Lakeland Terrier is an enthusiastic breed who enjoys playing with adults or children and has a way of getting its own way, they are keenly intelligent and typically learn quickly, except in the area of housebreaking which may require a bit of patience. Lakelands get along well with other dogs.

Ԩe Lakeland Terrier has a dense, wiry coat with longer hair on the legs and muzzle, often giving him a distinct beard. Small and sturdy, the breed's narrow frame allows him to squeeze into rocky dens to chase after vermin. While generally a show dog or family companion today, Lakelands can also be found utilizing their natural instincts at earthdog events or digging in the backyard. The breed comes in a variety of colors including blue, black, liver, red and wheaten with or without a patch of color over the back and shoulders called a "saddle".

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